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Reclaiming Masculinity Through Teaching, Tradition and Support



About Us


Masculine Medicine is here to support men in rebuilding their path to truth and wisdom, lost through years of misguidance and confusion.  The way in which men have defined themselves has become devoid of the traditional tenants that are the foundation of the health and wellbeing of ourselves as humans, the planet and all living things. For those ready to step up and"take their medicine" we are here to help guide and support you in your journey. Now is the time for each of us do the work of healing and reconciling the past in order to fully support ourselves and our families in the future.


William Green has a background in Psychology and Religious Studies with a degree from the College of Charleston. He is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and a practitioner of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration.  He is a father of three children and a grandfather to his one year old grandson.


William has spent over 25 years directly and indirectly supporting doulas and midwives. Through these roles of support, his experiences as a father and his training in healing modalities, he is now turning his attention to supporting men in our current time of change. 



I’m so grateful for the information we learned during the course. From working with primal wounds and distractions, to father/baby in utero connections....there was just so much. I thank you for giving men the rarely taken road inwards. The element of self discovery coupled with witnessing other men in similar situations as myself was very helpful. The world is changing and men need to adapt to new paradigms without clinging to the old.  I look forward to the next course and building upon this foundation of inner masculine medicine.  Thank you again William , I hope to attract what I am given.


In gratitude, 


Initiation to fatherhood was a whole hearted and honest course.

You tapped into all the major themes, issues, perceptions and deep work which comes up during pre and post birth.

Your gentle approach provided the space and support needed for any man to become a more conscious and aware father, partner, protector and provider.

I thoroughly enjoyed each class and hope that the platform you have created will spread the truths of what being a father is. It was humbling to witness a man hold space, be vulnerable and break down all the elements.

Thank you for creating this space and passing on this wisdom, it is essential and hard to find. I look forward to delving deeper into this work and will definitely be taking part in any further courses you plan to offer.

Warm wishes,

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